Pumping type dehydrogenizer (DHP)


  • Eliminates vented hydrogen in safe and flameless operation
  • Zero CO2/NOx emission, water is the only byproduct
  • Residual hydrogen concentration can be lower than 4000ppm
  • DRE is higher than 98%
  • Capable of heat recycling
  • Flexible expansion per hydrogen volume from 7.5CMH to 60CMH

Hydrogen in air is flammable over the range of 4%~75% concentration, vented hydrogen is traditionally treated by either combustion or dilution for safe discharge, but both methods consume high energy. Based on Low Temperature Hydrogen Oxidation (LTHO) technology, Toplus’ DHP series pumping type dehydrogenizer is designed to eliminate hydrogen in safe, zero emission and low energy consumption operation. Toplus has drawn on years of experience in electrochemistry reactor and system to develop this novel product to meet the stringent requirements in site. The product allows vented hydrogen to be converted into water by mixing hydrogen with oxygen of air and then passing through the owned developed LTHO reactor containing catalyst to ensure the residual hydrogen concentration lower than 4000ppm. Reaction takes place at temperature lower than 100°C and ensures that a flame cannot occur. Toplus’ DHP series adopts modular design architecture for easy expansion per customer’s exhaust volume.