Electrochemical Hydrogen Purifier (ECHP)


  • Separates nitrogen gas under ambient pressure and low temperature for safe
  • Flexible expansion per hydrogen volume from 5CMH to 100CMH
  • Semi S2 certified

Hydrogen has been used as the excellent protective gas in many industrial processes including metal heat treatment, coating and semiconductor fabrication, more than 99% is not consumed but directly exhausted. The Electrochemical Hydrogen Purifier (ECHP) is designed to purify hydrogen exhaust and get high purification which can be recycled to save your cost. Toplus has drawn on years of experience in electrochemistry reactor and system to develop this ECHP solution to meet the stringent requirements in sites. The product can get up to 99.999% hydrogen purification by separating nitrogen gas under ambient pressure and low temperature for safe. It also support to compress the hydrogen gas to nine bar according to customer requirements. Obtained SEMI S2 certification for its performance, reliability and safety, the ECHP is an ideal hydrogen purifier for recycling hydrogen exhaust when mixed with nitrogen gas.