About Toplus

Toplus Energy is a professional company specializing in hydrogen purification, recovery, and safe handling. Established in 2008, our technical team originates from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Over the past decade, we have assisted in the construction of multiple hydrogen fuel cell backup power facilities in Taiwan. We possess comprehensive technology and have obtained numerous domestic and international patents. We are one of the few teams in Taiwan capable of designing and producing both the reaction stacks and systems.

In 2018, Toplus developed the Hydrogen Purification & Recirculation (HPR) equipment based on electrochemical technology. It is the pioneer hydrogen recovery equipment globally certified with SEMI S2, granting access to semiconductor fabs. This equipment addresses the issue of unrecyclable process hydrogen in the industry, promoting environmental protection, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and economic benefits.

In 2023, Toplus introduced the Diffusion Hydrogen Capturer (DHC), utilizing Low-Temperature Hydrogen Oxidation (LTHO) technology, to eliminate hydrogen in safe and zero emission. It operates without electricity and is designed for routine removal of leaked hydrogen in confined spaces, enhancing safety by preventing hydrogen accumulation due to poor ventilation or equipment failure. Hydrogen purification, recovery, and safety are essential trends for future ESG initiatives and the key to wider hydrogen application. Toplus Energy focuses on these aspects as the main development direction, striving together for a better future.

Business Philosophy
Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation

Quality Policy
Excellent quality and customer satisfaction